Anti-libidinal medication among sex offenders: A descriptive study from a specialized outpatient unit in Bordeaux (France)

Enhancements in the treatment of sexual of-fenders have been taking place for over four decades. The development of pharmacological therapy has helped to reduce the risk of re-offense and has demonstrated its utility in com-bination with psychotherapy. However further studies to demonstrate the efficacy of these therapies are required. We conducted a retrospective study in a unit, Erios, that provides care for sexual offenders (court ordered treatment or voluntary treatment). Among the 224 patients who were seen in the Erios unit over the past 15 years, we identified 23 patients who had received anti-libidinal treatment (ALM) at some point in their care. The results, obtained from 22 files, indicate that 16 patients presented no evidence of deviant fantasy or behavioral relapse under medication. This study also highlights the comorbidities and offers a perspective regarding the improvement in prescribing this type of pharmacological therapy.

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