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International Forensic Psychiatry Lecture Series

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Hosted by McMaster University and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, this weekly educational webinar series provides engaging and innovative topics on forensic psychiatry. Talks will be no longer than one hour and include a question and answer period. Attendees will have the flexibility to register for any topics that pique their interest.

Note: Recordings are only available upon consent of the speaker. Free registration is needed to access webinar recordings, which are available for up to 90 days after the event.

Current and Future State of Forensic Psychiatry

Dr. Gary Chaimowitz’s introductory discussion from Aug. 6, 2020. This is the first lecture of the series with the Head of Service from the Forensic Psychiatry Program of St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. The discussion follows current practices and trends in the area of forensic psychiatry in Canada with the potential future state of the field.

Not Criminally Responsible Assessment

Dr. John Bradford’s advanced discussion from Aug. 13, 2020. This lecture provides an introduction to NCR assessment highlighting the cornerstones of forensic psychiatry: fitness to stand trial and criminal responsibility.

Getting Really High and Doing Bad Things: Daviault Revisited

Crown Counsel Craig Fraser (R) and Deputy Crown Attorney Andrew McLean (A) controversies and innovations discussions from Aug. 20, 2020. This talk overviews the grey areas of a famous case in Canada – the controversies of intoxication defenses and automatism.

Court Ordered Psychiatric Assessment in France

Dr. Sebastien Prat’s global perspectives discussion from Aug. 27, 2020. This lecture covers various aspects of a court ordered psychiatric assessment in France and highlights differences from the Canadian system.

Risk Assessment: A Brief Overview

Dr. Mini Mamak’s introductory discussion from Sept. 3, 2020. This talk features an overview of risk assessment practices and approaches in Canada. Some evidence-based tools are also discussed.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Violence

Dr. John Bradford’s advanced discussion from Sept. 10, 2020. This lecture discusses some core features of autism spectrum disorders along with a review of what is known about the association of ASD and violence.

The Criminal Justice System Only Wants Unbiased, Impartial, Independent Forensic Psychiatrists – And There’s No Controversy Here

Mr. Jeff Manishen’s controversies and innovation discussion from Sept. 10, 2020. This engaging talk highlighted some points regarding expert witnesses and covered some famous criminal cases to exemplify this.

Forensic Mental Health in South Africa: Where There Is Recovery and Not Much Risk Assessment

Dr. Sean Kaliski’s global discussion from Sep. 24, 2020. This talk highlighted the forensic mental health system in South Africa, including the challenges, barriers, and successes.

Beyond Offending: An Introduction of Problematic Sexuality

Dr. Heather Moulden’s talk from October 1, 2020. This lecture focused on sexual behaviour within a Canadian Forensic Mental Health System. It included onset, etiology, characterization and prediction of sexual offending.

The French Framework for Sexual Offenders

Dr. Mathieu Lacambre’s talk from October 22, 2020. This lecture focused on the pathway sexual offenders follow through the system in France; including the roles of various disciplines.

Ethics in Forensic Psychiatry

Dr. Joeseph Ferencz’s talk from November 6, 2020. This lecture focused on a brief historical context of ethics and discussed ethical issues in forensic psychiatry.

Protective Factors and the Value of Looking at Strengths in Forensic Practice

Dr. Michiel de Vries Robbe’s talk from November 12, 2020. This lecture focused on a description of a protective factor assessment tool in forensic patients.

Psychosis, Violence and Far Right Ideology

Dr. Terje Torrissen’s talk from November 19, 2020. This discussion was based on various psychiatric disorders and extreme right ideology. The Anders Breivik case was also highlighted during this session.

Forensic Psychiatry in Quebec

Dr. Mathieu Dufour’s talk from November 26, 2020. This session covered some principles on the Forensic Mental Health system in Quebec, also providing comparisons with fellow provinces around Canada.

Hitting the Hammer Podcast

Welcome to the Hitting the Hammer Podcast, a production of the Forensic Psychiatry Program at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and the McMaster University division of Forensic Psychiatry, in collaboration with the Multimedia and Entertainment Department at Mohawk College.

Recovery with Brian Rose

A discussion with Brian Rose who was a forensic patient and is now a Peer Support worker at Ontario Shores in Whitby. Brian discusses his experience going through the forensic system in Ontario (2019-10-18)

Not Criminally Responsible with Gary Chaimowitz

Today’s episode is a conversation regarding the designation Not Criminally Responsible with host KT Specialist Brandon Sunstrum and Head of Service for the Forensic Program at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Dr. Gary Chaimowitz (2019-07-05)

Forensic Psychiatry with host Brandon Sunstrum

Today, the topic will be about Forensic Psychiatry and some general information regarding Forensics and the role of a Forensic Psychiatrist (2019-05-06)