Volume 5, Issue 1, 2022


Violence Risk Assessment of Older Adults
Mini Mamak, Gary Chaimowitz

Original Articles

A Conceptual Framework for the Management of a COVID-19 Outbreak on a Secure Forensic Inpatient Unit
Treena Wilkie, Patti Socha, Carley Sims, Margaret Mahendrian, Abanti Tagore, Shaheen Darani

Convergent, Discriminant and Predictive Validity of Two Instruments to Assess Recidivism Risk Among Released Individuals Who Have Sexually Offended: The SORAG and the VRAG-R
Claire Ducro, Thierry Hoang Pham

Mesures alternatives à l’emprisonnement pour les enfants en conflit avec la loi : situation au Niger
Zakari Yaou Mahamadou


Participation as an Expert in Cases Involving the Production of Mental Health Records in Canadian Courts
Graham Glancy, Mitesh Patel, Maya Borooah