Dr. Stephanie Penney

Dr. Stephanie Penny's photo

Stephanie R. Penney, Ph.D., is an scientist within the Division of Forensic Psychiatry at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and cross appointed at an associate professor in the psychiatry department at the University of Toronto. Both her research and clinical work focus on the assessment and management of violence risk in adult psychiatric and correctional populations. Dr. Penney’s program of research is geared toward understanding the causes of violence and offending in individuals with serious mental illness, enhancing the clinical practice of risk assessment, and ultimately improving service delivery and health outcomes for vulnerable populations.

Dr. Penney has published on topics such as risk and recovery in forensic mental health care, and the assessment of violence and aggression in diverse populations. She holds two tri-council federal grants as principal investigator, and has previously been the recipient of more than $500,000 in international, federal, and provincial grants and research awards.