HARM General Version

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The Hamilton Anatomy of Risk Management—General Version (HARM-GV) is designed for use in the management of adult inpatients in acute and chronic psychiatric settings.

The for for the Hamilton Anatomy of Risk Management General Version

Stage 1: PAST

  • History of aggression or violence
  • In the HARM-GV, the focus of the historical assessment is previous involvement in the criminal justice and mental health systems as well as aggression or violence.
  • Historical risk factors

Stage 2: CURRENT

  • Aggression tracking
  • The authors encourage the use of the AIS or a similar instrument to record and track aggressive incidents.
  • Protective factors
  • Current risk factors

Stage 3: FUTURE

  • Potential behaviours
  • Duty to protect
  • Violence risk assessment
  • Because many people do well with structure and supervision but may be at higher risk without these, risk is also assessed with professional (or mental health support) and without.
  • Risk management plan
  • Stressors and destabilizers
  • Privileges

Stage 4

  • Medications
  • General team comments

HARM-GV workbooks and tear-away pads are available for purchase on the Supplies page.