Creating Safe Spaces

Until now there has been a lack of clinically relevant, dynamic, innovative risk assessment tools for clinicians in psychiatry. The revolutionary Aggressive Incidents Scale (AIS) and Hamilton Anatomy of Risk Management (HARM) fill that gap.

Advancing Risk Assessment Using Analytics

What if…

  • we knew which programs, services and interventions reduced targeted behaviours.
  • we could direct personalized care.
  • we knew which medications addressed which risk factors and reduced aggression.
  • we could easily conduct multisite research.
  • we were able to integrate clinical practice, quality improvement and research with no additional effort.

Introducing the Electronic Hamilton Anatomy of Risk Management (eHARM)

Measuring and Managing Aggression

How can we manage behaviour that we have yet to measure?

The Aggressive Incidents Scale (AIS) is a sensitive measure of documenting inpatient and outpatient aggression. Using a two-part code, the AIS provides a common language for discussing and documenting aggressive incidents.

The AIS and the HARM are:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to Implement
  • Efficient
  • Clinically Relevant
  • Economical
  • Broadly Applicable

Take a look at the tools in these videos

eHARM Testimonials (5:31)

Introduction to the eHARM (3:20)

A look at the AIS (2:02)

Dr. Tom Stewart and Dr. Yuri Alatishe (4:14)