About Us

Welcome to the Forensic Psychiatry Institute organized by the Forensic Psychiatry Program at St. Josephs Healthcare Hamilton.

This Institute gives you an opportunity to learn from colleagues throughout the province and engage in stimulating conversations about forensic psychiatry.

Meet Our Team

Clinical Director

  • Marilyn Dakers-Hayward

Head of Forensic Service and Academic Lead

  • Dr. Gary Chaimowitz

Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • Mary Lou Martin


  • Dr. Gary Chaimowitz
  • Dr. Yuri Alatishe
  • Dr. Joseph Ferencz
  • Dr. Kola Kolawole
  • Dr. Sébastien Prat
  • Dr. Susan Adams
  • Dr. Rebecca Chauhan
  • Dr. Satya Nagari
  • Dr. Yedish Naidoo
  • Dr. Wesley Sutton
  • Dr. John Bradford
  • Dr. Isabelle Coté
  • Dr. Alanna Courtright
  • Dr. Jonathan Duboff


  • Derek Stokke
  • Megan Hemlow
  • Sarah Fuller
  • Bradley Labuguen

Nurse Educators

  • Heather Dunlop-Witt
  • Seonhee McDermott


Intake Coordinators

  • Liane Taylor
  • Barb Benedict

Research Assistants

  • Casey Upfold
  • Amara Robbins
  • Bailea Erb

Clinical Legal Counsel

  • Lauren Barney
  • Kathleen Robb

Knowledge Translation Specialist

  • Diana Marginean

Meet Our Partners

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