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Introducing the International Forensic Psychiatry Lecture Series

Logo for McMaster University's International Forensic Psychiatry Lecture Series

With COVID-19 cancelling many events in 2020, the Forensic Psychiatry Institute made a pandemic pivot and launched the International Forensic Psychiatry Lecture Series.

Hosted by McMaster University and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, this weekly educational webinar series provides engaging and innovative topics on forensic psychiatry. Talks will be no longer than one hour and include a question and answer period. Attendees will have the flexibility to register for any topics that pique their interest.

General Learning Outcomes include:

  1. A more sophisticated understanding of key forensic topics to eventually improve practice (rotating weekly themes include: introductory, advanced, controversies and innovations, and global perspectives)
  2. Enhanced international multi-disciplinary collaboration

All learners, faculty, researchers and individuals working in mental health and the law are welcome to attend, learn and collaborate!

October 2021

Oct 28: Dr. Giovanni de Girolamo – The EU-VIORMED project: a multinational study of forensic psychiatry in five European countries. An overview of study results (Global)

November 2021

Nov 4: Dr. Philip Candilis – The Evolution of Forensic Mental Health Ethics (Intro)

Nov 11: Dr. Franca Cortoni – Female Sexual Offenders: A Reality That Can No Longer Be Ignored (Advanced)

Nov 18: TBD (Controversies and Innovations)

Nov 25: Dr. Dylan Gatner – Violence Risk Assessment and Psychopathic Personality (Global)

December 2021

Dec 2: Dr. Michael Perlin – International Human Rights and Therapeutic Jurisprudence (Intro)

Dec 9: Dr. Paul Fedoroff – The Trouble With Sex (Advanced)

Dec 16: Dr. Bruno Losier – The Role of Neuropsychology in Forensic Psychiatry Assessments (Controversies and Innovations)

You can access past webinars on the Recordings page.